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Research & Education


Diafactory Dermatophyte Test Strip:
Diafactory Product Info and Research Flip Book


Vascular Assessment:
Hadeco Manuals and Quick Start Guides

Podiatrist Sylvia McAra PhD - APodA Conference Workshop Resource Material

Validation of a Fully Automatic Photoplethysmographic Device for Toe Blood Pressure Management


PACTmed Photodynamic Therapy for the Treatment of Nail Fungus:
PACTmed Marketing and Research Resources


Landorf. Effectiveness of Foot Orthoses to Treat Plantar Fasciitis


National Infection Control Guidelines (as recommended by APODC)



Product Tips & Information


Formthotics Flip-Book Catalogue:
A comprehensive guide to the Formthotic range of Orthotics and Orthotic Additions

Formthotics Size Chart:
Sizing chart for Formthotics Medical, Junior, Youth & Express products


Hapla Paddings and Strappings Guide:
An instructional guide for getting the best from the Hapla range of paddings and strappings


Quadrastep System Custom to Foot Type Orthotic Guide:
An introduction in to what makes the Quadrastep System of orthoses so unique


Silver Nitrate Applicators:
Recommended use of Silver Nitrate Applicators


Chemical Indicator Classes:
Information regarding the differences in Chemical Indicator Classes


Advanced Wound Care:
Wound Dressing Classifications


Carbon Fibre Plates:
Superform Processing Instructions
TL2100 Processing Instructions


PPT Specifications Sheet:
PPT Orthotic Material Physical Specifications


Silipos Gel Products:
Silipos Sizing Chart for Tubing, Pads and Caps


LittleSteps Childrens Orthotics:
LittleSteps Sizing Chart


Glove On Sterile Surgical Gloves:
Glove On Sterile Surgical Gloves Sizing Chart and Specifications