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Instrument Care

Westminster, Dovo and Chifa instruments are crafted from the finest German stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.

HOWEVER, if not treated correctly, even the best stainless steel can lose its colour and be caused to prematurely corrode.

Your surgical instrument has been designed for a very specific purpose and should be used accordingly, for example, nail clippers should ONLY be used for cutting nails, nothing else.


Do not use your clippers to remove scalpel blades from scalpel handles as this WILL damage the clipper beyond repair.



Cleaning your Instruments:

Product recommendation (manual and Ultrasonic): Clinidet or Sonidet detergents and Aquasorb towel (for drying).


Normal tap water contains various minerals which may cause discolouring and corrosion. Distilled water is recommended to be used when cleaning, rinsing, and sterilising, your instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective and efficient method of instrument cleaning, but does not in any way replace sterilisation.

A few points for Ultrasonic Cleaning:

  • - Do not mix stainless steel and carbon steel instruments
  • - Open all instruments such as clippers, scissors and forceps
  • - Avoid excessive stacking and over-loading
  • - Dry instruments immediately after cycle using lint-free towel


Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method of cleaning burrs, blacks files and diamond-dust files.

If manually cleaning your instruments, take extreme care with any sharp points and use a nylon bristled brush (not stainless steel).




Lubrication for Clippers:

Product recommendation:Premixslip Instrument Spray Lube.

After cleaning and prior to packing for sterilisation, all moving parts to an instrument should be lubricated to the products guidelines.

When using steam sterilisation it is vital to use a silicone and oil free lubricant. Never use oil-based lubricants, if you do, ensure that ALL remnants of the oil is completely flushed from the instrument using methylated spirits, prior to sterilisation.


IMPORTANT: After sterilisation, allow your clippers to cool to room temperature before using them. Using warm to hot clippers can cause the hinges or box joints to seize due to the expansion of steel with temperature.


For an expanded version of the above,
please feel free to download the pdf below.