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Instrument Care


Tips for Processing Re-usable Instruments:

With the assistance of our manufacturers, we have produced a guide with some handy tips to optimise the performance of your instruments.
We also have tips on freeing-up sticky hinges and rejuvinating the appearance of your instruments.
Please click the image below for further information:


If you require further assistance, please use our Contact Us form to reach out to our Technical Service Department.
Spotted/Stained Instruments:
Surgi-Stain is great for removing mineral staining, surface rust and corrosion from your instruments.
Refer to the video below for a demonstration:



Your surgical instrument has been designed for a very specific purpose and should be used accordingly, for example, nail clippers should ONLY be used for cutting nails, nothing else. 

Do not use your clippers to remove scalpel blades from scalpel handles as this WILL damage the clipper beyond repair.